Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, criticism, compliment or suggestions? Do you wish any information on our equipment? Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Answer>> How can I apply to become a CM Comandos representative?
If you are interested in a commercial partnership, please get in touch with the Sales Department on the phone (11) 5696.5077 or by e-mail you receive all the necessary information for beginning a partnership.
Answer>> What happens to my resume after being submitted?
Once submitted, your resume enters our applicant’s system. This tool offers us a centralized talent bank and works as the first contact for the Human Resources department.
Answer>> What are the client´s benefits who has a Maintenance Contract with CM?
Clients with equipment with preventive and corrective Maintenance Contract have priority in service, reducing the load residence time supplied by the bypass preventive maintenance is performed to reduce the risk of equipment burnout or shutdown by component failure due to wear, heating and poor contact, with no additional labor cost for corrective service and technical support by phone 24hrs a day.
Answer>> I want to participate in the Selection Processes of CM comandos. How should I proceed?
To participate in our selection process, please forward your resume to the e-mail
Answer>> I am a student and would like some information about the young apprentice program, what are the criteria?
To participate in our selection process, please forward your resume to e-mail and if there is an opening and is within the profile requested for job, we will get in touch.