Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question, criticism, compliment or suggestions? Do you wish any information on our equipment? Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Answer>> How can I apply to become a CM Comandos representative?
If you are interested in a commercial partnership, please get in touch with the Sales Department on the phone (11) 5696.5077 or by e-mail you receive all the necessary information for beginning a partnership.
Answer>> How to increase the battery life?
Tips to ensure maximum battery life of your UPS:
  1. Ensure that your CM Commander UPS is in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place. Ideally, the temperature of the room should not exceed 24 ° C (75 ° F). It is important to know that for every 10 ° C above the ambient temperature of 24 ° C, the life of your battery will be reduced by 50%.
  2. To improve ventilation, consider a free space (100 cm) on the sides of the appliance to ensure good air circulation. The ventilation openings on the front, side, or back of the UPS should not be blocked. This allows adequate air circulation inside the product and will prevent excessive heating.
  3. The environment must also be free from dust and corrosive vapors.
  4. It is not recommended that the UPS power loads that exceed 80% of its rated capacity, thereby reducing the runtime. When the load is increased, the autonomy decreases. If there is a problem with the power supply, the UPS at the limit will consume the battery excessively and will quickly discharge, reducing its life.
  5. Avoid leaving the UPS unplugged for more than 90 days. Batteries lose their charge even if they are not used. Deeper battery discharges can damage or shorten battery life. After a thorough discharge, it is recommended to recharge the batteries as soon as possible. In this condition, avoid leaving the UPS off for more than five days.
Answer>> Is it necessary to carry out periodic preventive maintenance?
Yes, regardless you have a Preventive Maintenance Contract, CM performs equipment inspection and diagnostic visits, indicating a need for components change with wear by use, updated firmware improving performance and including tools in the product, eliminates hot spots by bad contact, finds overload or load imbalance when the machine has more than one output stage. Thus you can avoid unexpected load shutdowns causing immeasurable losses.
Answer>> Is grounding required?
Yes. The grounding ensures smooth operation of the filters and also avoids the possibility of electrical shock.
Answer>> Do I have to use a stabilizer along with a UPS?
It is not necessary, since it is a double conversion online sine wave UPS.
Answer>> What happens to my resume after being submitted?
Once submitted, your resume enters our applicant’s system. This tool offers us a centralized talent bank and works as the first contact for the Human Resources department.
Answer>> Does the UPS need to be kept in a cool room?
Every electronic equipment has a better performance to work in a temperature-controlled environment. The batteries are particularly sensitive to high temperatures, as they generate power through a chemical reaction with increasing temperature there is a greater wear of the elements and therefore greater wear thereof. Thus, we suggest that the UPS and batteries work at room temperature between 20 and 25° C so that they can get the best system performance.
Answer>> How do I size an UPS?
UPS must be sized taking into account the type and number of loads to be supplied, or based on how many computers, printers, servers, etc., it is desired to supply and protect. CM Comandos has a team of experts to assist in this sizing, including an Application Engineering to provide all the support in the design and sizing of our customers and partners. Please contact the Sales Department by phone (11) 5696.5077 or by email to get all necessary support in the design of the best equipment for your business needs.
Answer>> What is DSP?
DSP means Digital Signal Processor. It is a microprocessor technology focused on real-time processing allowing applications where conventional chips do not meet the high speed requirements, for example, voice transmission in digital mobile phones and video streams. DSP technology applied in UPS systems means high performance and components reduction, increasing its reliability. More accuracy and inclusion of features never imagined before for these infrastructure equipment making them more manageable. The DSP technology allows UPS manufactured by CM Comandos to recording log events in its built-in memory and it can upgrade the DSP processor firmware, including new features, even on installed units. This means saving your investment, scalability and greater performance of UPSs by CM Comandos
Answer>> What is load?
Load is the name of the equipment supplied by a uninterruptible power supply or stabilizer. They can be computer, medical, industrial equipment, etc.
Answer>> What is autonomy?
It is the time that a UPS supplies the load in the absence of mains.
Answer>> What are double conversion online sine UPS?
They are UPSs with AC conversion (AC mains) to DC (direct current) and DC to AC The first conversion is said rectifying and the second one is called inversion. These UPSs are the best and technologically most reliable, especially suitable for critical loads (hospital medical equipment, data centers, etc).
Answer>> Do the UPSs have transformers?
Yes, transformers allow the output voltage to differ from the input voltage. There are UPSs with no transformers, with an output voltage the same as the input one.
Answer>> Are the UPSs compatible with generators?
Yes, the double conversion online sine technology UPS.
Answer>> What is Power Factor?
It is the relationship between power in VA (apparent) and power in W (active). This FP is expressed by a number less than or equal to 1.
Answer>> What is Parallelism?
It is the ability to couple more than one UPS to allow increasing its power or system reliability.
Answer>> What is the difference between UPS and STABILIZER?
UPSs are electronic devices that store power in batteries and uses this stored power in times of lack of utility power. Stabilizers electronic equipment are responsible for the correct mains voltage to provide equipment a stable and safe power supply. They protect equipment against overvoltage, undervoltage, and transients.
Answer>> What are the client´s benefits who has a Maintenance Contract with CM?
Clients with equipment with preventive and corrective Maintenance Contract have priority in service, reducing the load residence time supplied by the bypass preventive maintenance is performed to reduce the risk of equipment burnout or shutdown by component failure due to wear, heating and poor contact, with no additional labor cost for corrective service and technical support by phone 24hrs a day.
Answer>> I want to participate in the Selection Processes of CM comandos. How should I proceed?
To participate in our selection process, please forward your resume to the e-mail
Answer>> What does the Bypass do?
The By pass is a protection tool and system redundancy, which will keep the load power even if some UPS contingency.
Answer>> What is the difference between W (watts) and VA (volt ampere)?
Watt is the active power unit (that power that is actually consumed by equipment). VA is the apparent power unit (it is the sum of the active power in Watts with reactive power in VAR - Reactive Volt Ampere).
Answer>> Will I have any reply from the Human Resources when sending my resume through the website?
If you meet all the qualifications for the position and is considered one of the applicants suitable for the post, the Human Resources department will contact you to coordinate the next steps in the selection process. Due to the volume of resumes received, the Human Resources cannot respond to all who apply.
Answer>> I am a student and would like some information about the young apprentice program, what are the criteria?
To participate in our selection process, please forward your resume to e-mail and if there is an opening and is within the profile requested for job, we will get in touch.