Perfection MI S2

2 - 15 kVA - Single Phase

The Perfection MI S2 Microprocessor Controlled Voltage Stabilizers feature unprecedented dual static converter technology with last generation IGBTs modules.

Fully DSP – Digital Signal Processor controlled, the Stabilizer corrects any voltage variation in the power utility grid, eliminating harmonic distortion, frequency variations and electrical disturbances, creating a pure sine wave form, and thus delivering an exclusive and isolated stabilized line for sensitive applications. DSP technology makes True RMS measurements due to digital sampling, with no deviation or delays, with high speed and reliability.

This means that we can make ever smaller systems capable of performing more operations with high reliability. All setups and settings are performed by software in the manufacturing and maintenance, even allowing firmware up grade.

Another great differential is the ability to correct extreme load current variations, making them ideal for sensitive equipament that creates high current peaks and requires protection and estabilized power.

Main Features

Fully DSP Technology – Digital Signal Process

It allows advanced and unique Real Time features.

Any change is instantly detected and fixed without delay.

IGBTs Conversion Control Process

It provides output static control of + -1%, with no voltage steps with low impedance and high electrical performance, that is, it is an ideal stabilizer with absolute performance and accuracy.

Measurements in True RMS

The DSP analyzes the electrical network with accuracy of multimeters.

Sub and Overvoltage Protection System

The DSP automatically supervises and shuts off the output in case of sub or overvoltage detection. Automatically resets when you return to normal condition.

Log Event Log

The DSP permanently records in the non-volatile memory E2PROM, the last 25,500 records, allowing total traceability of events occurring in the system.

Automatic Bypass System (* Optional)

Protection system that, in case of problems, automatically transfers the load to an alternative circuit without interruption in the power supply.

High Performance and Response Speed

With a correction speed of less than 4 milliseconds, it has excellent performance for loads with high current peaks.

Constructive Details

ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)
2.000t2,0620 x 200 x 60041,0
3.0003,0620 x 200x 60043,0
5.0005,0620 x 200 x 60047,0
7.5007,5620 x 330 x 60061,0
10.00010,0790 x 400 x 775119,0
15.00015,5790 x 400 x 775147,0
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