Equalizer System

Active Battery Management

The Equalizer is a revolutionary solution for Individual Active Equalization of Batteries, developed and manufactured in Brazil, by CM Comandos Lineares Ltda.

Each battery receives a module connected to a controller, the Master Controller. The Controller supervises the final voltage of the batteries and controls the Battery Modules in order to regulate the voltage on each battery, so that all batteries always have the same voltage. You can also add the Current Module, which monitors the battery bank currents during discharge and recharge cycles.

The Current module, integrated with a digital signal processor, measures the current that passes through the circuit through the connected Current Transducer and sends the current measurement data to the Master Controller.

Each Battery Module has a microcontroller and an active module that keep all batteries equalized, that is, with the same voltage.

Active Equalization causes all batteries to be equally charged to the same voltage, eliminating the negative effect of one battery overcharging the others, over-charged or the reverse, of preventing adjacent batteries from being fully charged.

Equalizer allows batteries to reach 100% of their lifespan, designed by manufacturers. Before, without the Equalizer, batteries deteriorated prematurely and had to be replaced. Depending on the type of battery, the lifespan can double, eliminating replacements and reducing the need for recycling. The recycling process consumes huge natural resources.

In addition, the system prevents system failure due to battery failure, sending alarms BEFORE a system failure occurs, reducing DOWNTIME and increasing reliability.

These batteries can be accommodated in a Battery Bank, which will avoid accidental shock hazards for users or maintenance personnel. Click and learn more about the Battery Bank.

Main Features

Individual Active Equalization

Raises battery life and reliability.
Allows the batteries to reach the maximum operating life

Prevents system crashes

The system constantly monitors the batteries individually and sends alarms before a problem occurs.

Battery Impedance Measurement

The internal impedance is the actual parameter of the battery condition.
In addition, it measures the individual voltage and temperature of each battery and writes to memory.

Battery Maintenance Automation

The system keeps the batteries in optimum conditions automatically.
The analysis and diagnosis are carried out at a distance, individually and without having to disconnect the system.

Real-Time Battery Monitoring

monitors the condition of the batteries in real time at a distance, efficiently and reducing the high cost with manual interventions.


Extends battery life

The Active Equalization system keeps the batteries in optimum conditions, maximizing their useful life. Reduces the need for battery replacement and reduces cost.

Downtime Cost Due to Battery Failure

Damage resulting from a system failure due to battery failure generates an invaluable amount for your operation.

Battery Life Analysis

It analyzes the curve of loading and unloading of a bank of batteries and follows the evolution of the useful life, something that is impracticable to do manually.

Cost-of-Property Reduction

Extends battery life, reduces switching time and automates maintenance, reducing huge costs with manual intervention.

Ecological and Sustainable

In the era of sustainability, reducing the consumption of batteries means using fewer resources and generating fewer discards in the environment.

System Components

Battery Module

Cabo de medição

Measuring Cable

Cabo de comunicação

Communication Cable

Master Controller

current module


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