Insulator Transformer

3 - 800 kVA

Insulator transformers manufactured by CM Comandos are developed for all types of loads in the most diverse use: industrial, commercial, hospital, lighting and automation, among others. They are used for distribution channels, in many power configurations, separating and protecting circuits of electrical installations of all sizes. They are designed with the use of modern 3D software, manufactured by processes certified by ISO 9001: 2008 standard and raw materials and high quality processes are used. The transformers manufactured by CM Comandos are manufactured with the same technology applied in their static converters, UPS systems and Microprocessed Voltage Stabilizer.

Main Features

Power 3 – 800 kVA
Operating Frequency 60 Hz and 50 Hz
Insulation Degree 0.6 kV
Temperature Class B – 130º C and F 155º C
Cooling Natural Convection Cooling
Metal Enclosure Epoxy paint – textured powder
Protection Degree IP-20
Size and Weight Under request


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