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Quality Management System – ABNT ISO 9001:2008

It provides a wide range of protection products and energy management meeting all the needs of the corporate market. From the desktop to Data Center, medical applications to automating processes, integrating processes and projects in many areas, CM Comandos meets all the protection and power management needs for companies of all sizes: small, medium and large. It has Telemarketing team and Sales Advisors able to serve you and provide solutions.

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CM Comandos is able and participates in public bids across the country. Believing that all public deparment Information Technology facilities rely on uninterrupted power supply and that government operations support critical applications such as health, education, public safety and defense, CM Comandos provides power protection solutions at all levels of federal, state and municipal government.

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CM Comandos applications are available starting from five users and have great advantage is analyzed from the cost-benefit point of view. The different shelf solutions available for SOHO – Small Office Home Office – do not take into account the reliability required by users.

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CM Comandos has a number of financing possibilities creating facilitators for customers to make feasible investment on protection system equipment of its infrastructure.


como-comprar-cartaoCM Comandos, as a 100% Brazilian stock company and accredited by the BNDES, provides its clients buying their products through Finame. Finame – Special Agency of Industrial Financing is a subsidiary of BNDES creaded in 1964. Finame finances the purchase of machinery and equipment, and managing the export financing operations exclusively through resource transfers, aimed at the development and consolidation of the Brazilian industry. Finame funds, without value limit, the isolated acquisition of new machinery and equipment, domestic manufactured, accredited by BNDES, through accredited financial institutions. For more information, please visit the website below: 

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como-comprar-bndesDevelopment, through the BNDES card, provides to micro, small and medium size companies a new, fast and safe alternative to access financial resources, to support the investments. For information and necessary explanations, BNDES provides two communication channels: The Call Center hotline (21) 2172-7200 / 8800 of the BNDES Card and function Talk to Us at BNDES site Operation Portal.

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