IT System

The MEDICAL IT SYSTEM, manufactured by CM Comandos, It is a system that prevents power outages caused by insulation failures (lack) in the conductor circuits or damaging a system electro medical. The equipment meets NBR13534 and Anvisa Resolution RDC 50, regulating the grounding scheme requirement. It is compulsory in rooms of group 2, such as operating rooms, ICUs and hemodynamics services.


The use of Medical IT grounding systems increases safety for patients and clinical staff because the lack of power supply in the event of a fault is avoided as even in a condition of short circuit of a phase to ground, for example, an electromedical equipment can be used to temporarily or permanently assist or replace vital functions of a patient. Furthermore, there is a reduction in leakage currents flowing through the ground conductor, which reduces contact voltage and thus the intensity of an accidental electric shock. The system is equipped with separation transformer that converts the system of conventional power supply (solidly grounded) for IT system (grounded by high impedance), Insulation Supervisor Device (ISD) that measures the impedance between the power leads and protection lead, warning when it reaches values lower than 50 kΩ, current supervisor device (DSC) preceding to a current overload in the isolation transformer warns when it reaches 90% of the transformer capacity, Temperature Supervisor Device (TSD) that signals when the temperature of the transformer is under abnormal operating conditions and Announcer Device for signaling alarm at distance.

Quality standard

The IT MEDICAL SYSTEM is mounted within a rigid compliance standard and subjected to tests and trials with fault simulation, under strict quality control, which ensures excellent MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) over 40,000 hours and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) of 30 minutes.

Warranty and Service

CM Comandos provides 12 months’ warranty against manufacturing flaws for its products. It offers its customers a trained staff, qualified to solve any problems in its equipment through its extensive authorized service network throughout the country.



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