Management Interface

The Energy Systems protection equipment are basic elements of an infrastructure. They are vital to ensure continuity and application of the systems called Critical Mission protection.
They are usually security restricted installations in a specific environment for the various contingencies depending on each application.
Hence the need for a remote management interface so that the IT administrator can remotely monitor the system, raising the level of reliability and ensuring continuous supervision of the system.
CM Comandos continuously develops various remote management tools that allow greater control and effective management of the system, reducing downtime for either corrective or preventive events.

Main Features

Priority-Based Sequential Shutdown
Shutdown provides automatic shutdown for single and networked PCs, saving any active work and the most used Windows applications. Users can define their own shutdown procedures and establish the order in which critical computers (such as servers) will be turned off.

Multi platform compatibility
Shutdown uses the TCP / IP communication protocol to achieve standardized management and monitoring across the largest possible number of platforms. This makes it possible to monitor computers with different operating systems from a single console, for instance, monitoring a UNIX server from a PC with Windows and also connecting to UPS located in different geographical areas using dedicated networks (intranets) or the Internet.

Event scheduling
You can schedule your own shutdown procedures, specifying power-off and power-up scenarios to increase system safety and, similarly important, power savings.

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