10 - 800 kVA - Three Phase

Master UPSs Three Phase lines are the result of the highest technology in microprocessor circuits applied to static converters of the latest generation. The Master HP line has IGBTs Rectifier with input power factor 0.99 and is DSP microprocessor controlled. UPSs instantly correct any voltage variation of the power grid of the utility company, all in digital sampling rate, without delays or bypass. All setups and configurations are software performed and has a unique event log record, allowing full traceability in the event of anomalies. The battery self-test system allows to anticipate a possible poor condition of the batteries, in time to take preventive measures. In case of internal failure, it is possible to accurately detect the affected part and anticipate service drastically reducing the time spent on troubleshooting, and provide equipment history log in preventive controls. Never the transformation of a single UPS to operate in redundant parallel was so simple and affordable, versatile and user friendly thanks to microprocessor technology.

Main Features

100% Digital Microprocessed Control
The settings, adjustments and setting points are made in full by the LCD panel with restricted password access.

IGBT rectifier – Line Master HP
with DSP control, PFC Power Factor Correction provides input power factor 0.99.

Advanced Battery Management
it has control recharge batteries with temperature compensation, optimizing its useful life.

Automatic Battery Test
It performs periodic testing of the batteries safely, i.e. reduces the voltage rectifier until the battery takes over the load. In case of failure, it immediately sends an alert.

Smart Control of Cooler speed
Extends useful life of equipment and reduce maintenance gaps.

Event and Traceability logs
The latest events are stored in NVRAM memory in a kind of black box. Data can be retrieved via the panel or via software for diagnostics, including remotely.

Event Codes and Diagnosis
Records the last 5,000 events and 128 types of alarms and messages, allowing a precise identification of each event.

Parallel up to 8 UPSs
With communication loop and single models previously installed in the field.

Under and Over Input Voltage Protection
it automatically shuts down the rectifier, and disables Bypass, protecting against voltages out of range.

Compatible with All Generator Sets
Accuracy and full protection for operation with generator sets.

Constructive Details

MPT - 6 Pulses
ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)
10.00010,01400 x 555 x 740210,0
15.00015,01400 x 555 x 740220,0
20.00020,01400 x 555 x 740230,0
30.00030,01400 x 555 x 740292,0
40.00040,01400 x 555 x 740320,0
60.00060,01400 x 800 x 740360,0
80.00080,01400 x 800 x 740555,0
100.000100,01900 x 800 x 800640,0
120.000120,01900 x 800 x 800650,0
160.000160,01900 x 800 x 800770,0
200.000200,01900 x 800 x 800810,0
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ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)
100.000100,01900 x 800 x 850730,0
120.000120,01900 x 800 x 850785,0
160.000160,01900 x 800 x 850865,0
200.000200,01900 x 800 x 850990,0
250.000250,01900 x 800 x 8501090,0
300.000300,01900 x 1500 x 10001550,0
400.000400,01900 x 1500 x 10001750,0
500.000500,01900 x 2100 x 10002450,0
600.000600,01900 x 2100 x 10002650,0
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ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)
800.000800,01900 x 3200 x 10003950,0
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