10 - 40 kVA - Three Phase

The entire line of UPSs Innovation Three Phase Transformerless has DSP technology. Feature that provides high performance and reliability, turning them ideal for critical mission applications. In other words they protect applications where continuous operation is of key importance. Designed with heavy use of the resources of DSP technology, UPSs Innovation Three Phase Transformerless add new and advanced features that set a new concept of development, where the firmware of the equipment can be upgraded by adding new features in units already installed.

Main Features

Advanced technologyTransformerless
Technology which allows manufacture UPS without using transformers.

individual single phase modules equal for all phases.

Built-in memory for 5 thousand Records.
It allows them to be tracked for review.

True RMS Measurements with Precision in Multimeters.
Ideal for the measurement of non-linear loads.

Output Voltage Adjustments and Setting -Points via the Panel
Ensure high precision and reliability.

Power Correction Factor (PFC)
Rectifier with IGBT activation;
Input Power Correction Factor 0.99.

Display TFT 4.3″ Touch Screen (standard)
Modern screen with touch commands that allow UPS access via the Internet.

Allows DSP Firmware Upgrade
Ensures usage and preservation of investment.

DSP-Monitored operation
The maneuvers are logged and recorded in the event log.

Smart Control of Cooler speed
Extends useful life of equipment and reduce maintenance gaps.

Multi Active Parallel System (Exclusive CM Comandos)
as many units may be parallel as needed, allowing expansion of the system, according to consumer´s demand.

Constructive Details

Model With Built-In Battery
ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)Voltage
10.00010,01320 x 420 x 800250,0220/380
15.00015,01320 x 420 x 800285,0220/380
20.00020,01470 x 420 x 800285,0220/380
30.00030,01470 x 420 x 800340,0220
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Model Without Built-In Battery
ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)Voltage
30.00030,01470 x 420 x 800160,0380
40.00040,01470 x 420 x 800170,0380
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