Creation S2

1,5 - 3 kVA - Single Phase

Creation S2 UPS are suitable for feeding sensitive loads, such as laboratories, hospital and computer equipment, against disturbances present in the utility grid, oscillations and voltage drops, surges, transients and spikes, among others.

They have internal, maintenance-free sealed batteries, which provide the reserve power in the absence of a network at the entrance, keeping the output protected even in normal, present network conditions, acting as a stabilizer.

It features a compact and modern design, which can be installed horizontally, in racks in the standard 19-inch or vertical, through side supports provided.


Main Features

Microprocessed Sine Wave Interactive UPS
Compatible with all types of sensitive loads and demanding applications

Tower or Rack 19″ Mount (except bivolt version)
Compact and standard 19-inch tall 2U, it can be rack-mounted or upright, with side supports provided.

LCD Liquid Crystal Display
It displays operating status, measurement, and alarm information intuitively

Internal Stabilizer
In network mode it allows a wide allowable range of variation in the input.

Front Battery Access (except bivolt version)
In case of replacement, this feature allows easy access for battery maintenance (authorized technicians only).


Constructive Details

ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)
with batteries
1.5001,588 x 438 x 41014,0
2.0002,088 x 438 x 51020,0
3.0003,088 x 438 x 51022,0
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UPS Bivolt
ModelPower (kVA)Size (mm)
height x width x depth
Weight (Kg)
with batteries
1.5001,5325 x 190 x 51025,0
2.0002,0325 x 190 x 51031,0
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